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Water-soluble Essential Oils! Finally available in the Philippines!

Enjoy aromatherapy with our water-soluble, therapeutic grade essential oil blends for your favorite oil burners/diffusers.

These blends contain pure essential oils mixed with natural emulsifiers and compounds designed for diffusing. They are more stable than pure essential oils alone, and will last longer in a diffuser (pure and highly volatile essential oils can evaporate quickly from your diffuser).

These water-soluble essential oil blends are safe for aromatherapy. They are perfume-free, contains no mineral oil and other petroleums, paraben-free, and non-toxic.

Use a few drops with water in your favorite oil burner/diffuser. Enjoy!

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Introducing…. coconut wax candles.

The first and only coconut wax candle in the Philippines.

100% plant-based wax





Exclusively made by The Candleroom.

Proudly Filipino-made. 

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Clearance sale – 40% off!

We are ending our frosted glass rollers and will be switching to amber glass rollers to match the rest of our collections. These are all in good order and quality. We are simply switching packaging.

Until supplies last only. Hurry, only a few more left!

Hoard now!

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Essential Oil of the Month – April 2018

Spearmint – The Gentler Mint Oil

Complement the summer months with this cool essential oil!

Blends well with Lavender, Rosemary, Basil, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus essential oils for diffusion.

100% pure, natural, and therapeutic grade EO for your favorite aroma/oil burner, and for general use around your home and your body… Wherever the journey takes you.

Try one now and get 15%-off until April 30, 2018!

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