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News & Promos

What is olfactory fatigue?


Ever wonder why your favorite scents/fragrances sometimes lose their "power" after using them for a while? Have you notice those coffee beans in jars displayed along perfumes in department stores? Ever wonder what they are for? Apparently, the over-stimulation

What is olfactory fatigue?2019-01-11T10:30:57+08:00

Where to find us…


The best place to buy all our products is here on-line. We are also available in Boracay Island - Scandi Medical Clinic, 0117 Scandi Villa, Bulabog, Malay. We are also available at Happy Shopping!

Where to find us…2018-03-30T06:07:54+08:00

Signs Your Essential Oils Are Not Pure


Is your oil a fraud? Buying an essential oil is easy. Buying a good one, on the other hand, can be a challenge, even for trained aromatherapists. Ideally, you’ll get a bottle of potent liquid distilled from the flower, root,

Signs Your Essential Oils Are Not Pure2017-11-18T08:56:42+08:00

Why we use palm wax


In a word: sustainability. Palm is a tree crop that enhances biodiversity and carbon sequestering, uses very little water, and is GMO free and pest resistant. One acre of palm trees provides the same quantity of wax as 20 acres

Why we use palm wax2017-11-18T08:54:27+08:00

Study About the Handmade Products Effect


Source: Yale School of Management Experts present the first systematic set of studies exploring whether and how stated production mode (handmade vs. machine-made) affects product attractiveness. Four studies provide evidence for the existence of a positive handmade effect on product

Study About the Handmade Products Effect2017-11-18T08:56:04+08:00
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