Hand and Air Sanitizers

Lightly scented hand sanitizers to keep harmful germs away, pleasantly!

Lanolin-free (vegan-friendly)


No triclosan and Triclocarban

No synthetic chemicals and preservatives

Does not dry the skin

Very safe and naturally effective!

Perfect for home and travel. Spray on hands (and feet!) as an instant sanitizer. Great for surfaces like toilet seats, door knobs, hotel linens, phones, keyboards, inside the car, kids’ stuff, yoga mats, gym bags, bike helmets, and many more!
Safe for kids!
What’s the difference between the Sanitizer Blend and the Air and Linen Mist?

Our sanitizer blend contains 70% natural ethanol (sugarcane alcohol) for effective antibacterial action. It is lightly scented to pleasantly sanitize your hands and other surfaces, but not overwhelmingly so.

Our Air and Linen Mist, on the other hand, has more scent (highly scented) than the sanitizer. This way, you may spray on to the air and/or surfaces and leave a wonderfully scented space!