EO Rollers – pure essential oils in fractionated coconut oil – 10ml.

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Aromatherapy wherever the journey takes you…

Essential oil roll-ons are the easiest way to enjoy aromatherapy on-the-go.

Ready-to-apply essential oils are infused in fractionated coconut oil, and are convenient to bring with you anywhere you go.

Choose among our many pure essential oils, absolutes, and natural oils…

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EO Rollers – pure essential oils in fractionated coconut oil – 10ml.

Just apply to your wrist or at the back of your hand, and take a sniff!

You may also apply to nose tip, temples, feet, forehead, and parts that need healing…

Our potent blends are guaranteed to contain at least 10% pure and therapeutic grade essential oils* (or absolutes and natural oils), and infused in pure fractionated coconut oil, and other natural plant-based oils.**

*exceptions are the very expensive and strong smelling oils of pure sandalwood (5%) and vetiver (5%). If you prefer a milder or stronger mix than 10%, give us call and we can prepare some for you!
**some blends contain virgin coconut oil and castor seed oil (Gaia Healing Oil).
Note: Like all natural oils, some sensitivities may occur to some individuals. If you are a first time user, always test a small area of skin for sensitivity.

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