Natural Cocowax Wax Candle 150g. – scented with PURE FRAGRANCE OIL: HOTEL-RESORTS COLLECTION


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 The first and only natural coconut wax candles in the Philippines!

Highly scented, premium quality, 100% plant-based, natural coconut wax candle, hand-poured in a glass container with chrome lid.

Scented with 100% pure, therapeutic grade, all-natural, plant-based, essential oils.

 Exclusively made by The Candleroom.
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Natural CocoWax Candle 90g. – scented with PURE FRAGRANCE OIL: HOTEL-RESORTS COLLECTION in a  Glass Container.

Our natural coconut wax  candles are highly scented with pure fragrance oils for aromatherapy. We saturate each candle to the maximum limit of what the wax can absorb – up to 10% essential oils guaranteed* – for the best scent throw in town! It burns clean, and uses up all the wax down to the bottom (no messy residue on the sides of the container )*!

  • 100% plant-based wax
  • Benzene-free (paraffin-free)
  • Hexane-free (soy-free)
  • 100% cotton wick
  • Non-toxic
  • Soot-free
  • At least 30 hours burning time.

This 150g. (wax volume) candle is perfect to scent regular-sized indoor spaces… Light-up more candles to scent a bigger space. Enjoy!

*Coconut wax burns down clean in its container when used in proper environmental conditions. Follow burning instructions for best results.


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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 8 × 9 cm
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