Vanilla Fragrance Oil

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You know what vanilla smells like… :) Classic Vanilla fragrance has a rich, sweet, vanilla aroma.


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Classic Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Classic Vanilla fragrance oil has a rich, sweet, vanilla aroma.

  • Enjoy aromatherapy with this fragrance oil for your favorite oil burners and diffusers.
  • This oil is also compatible for use in perfumery, soap- and candle-making, and all other aromatherapy needs.
  • Available in 100% PURE OIL, and in a WATER-SOLUBLE blend.
  • PURE OILS are highly concentrated fragrance oils and must be diluted with water when used in oil burner and diffusers. Dilute with a carrier oil if used topically. CLICK HERE FOR CARRIERS OILS >>
  • WATER-SOLUBLE fragrance oils are blends of pure fragrance oils and natural emulsifiers and compounds, that make them soluble in water, and designed for diffusing. Note: You may have to use more drops to reach the same level of scent-throw as pure oils. Adjust the amount of drops accordingly to your  preferred strength.
  • DIRECTIONS: use a few drops in water for aromatherapy. Adjust amount of drops accordingly. Use in oil burners, diffusers, humidifiers, etc., for your home, office, & travel.
  • Diffusing fragrance oils is best enjoyed in air-conditioned spaces.


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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 3 × 7 cm
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1mL vial of pure fragrance oil, 10mL Pure fragrance oil in glass bottle, 50mL Pure fragrance oil in PET plastic bottle, 10mL Water-soluble fragrance oil in glass bottle, 50mL Water-soluble fragrance oil in PET plastic bottle


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