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Getting inked this holiday season? Gotta try the Apo Anno Tattoo Aftercare Collection

Your natural option for taking care of your tattoos… Heals and soothes… Enhances and preserves colors.

Apo Anno Tattoo Aftercare has been taking care of tattoos since 2007.

A naturally effective antiseptic and antibacterial oil. It has 5 vital characteristics of a potent Tattoo Aftercare product –  relieves pain, reduces swelling and bruising, speeds healing, soothes itching, and prevents scabbing. Helps colored tattoos last longer too!

Our Apo Anno Tattoo Aftercare Oil contains nature’s healing oils known to be beneficial to tattoos – old and new… Grape Seed Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Lavender Essential OilGeranium Essential OilTea Tree Essential Oil, and Vitamin E.