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New! Mini fragrance diffusers!

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Using fragrance diffusers is one of the easiest way to benefit from aromatherapy, and make special spaces always filled with your favorite scents.

Best used in cars, closets, lockers, office desks, and small spaces, at home or at the office. We saturate each bottle with up to 20% fragrance and essential oils, and is guaranteed to have the best scent throw in town! It evaporates clean, and will use-up all the liquid blend to the last drop (no messy residue in the bottle)!

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Premium quality natural soaps

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Natural soaps are great to use for all your grooming rituals.

These carefully selected natural soaps contain no harsh chemicals that can strip the natural barriers of your skin.

They are made from natural coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, natural extracts/essential oils, and other natural active ingredients.

Choose among our 10 special blends for your face and body!

Now available in the Philippines!


Ready-to-use, Single Pour Blend

for Candle Making

by The Candleroom Co.

Are you searching for a natural wax that is sustainable, eco-friendly, virtually soot-free, and 100% plant-based? Are you interested to make non-toxic candles that are 100% paraffin-free and soy-free (hexane-free)?

The Candleroom’s COCOWAX 261 READY TO USE BLEND may be what you have been looking for!

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What are you looking for? Enter keywords in the search box below….