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Natural aromatherapy options 

for your home, body, and soul

Experience and share the benefits of aromatherapy from our collections of natural wax candles, pure essential and fragrance oils, natural home and body care concoctions, and personalized gifts for all occasions.

What’s In The Box?

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Here are some gift ideas for the Holidays…

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Essential Oil (EO) of the Week

Gaia Essential Oil Blend… Your medicine cabinet in a bottle!

We are sharing with you the healing and comforting Gaia EO Blend…  Try one now and get 25% off!

A Candleroom original.  Gaia Essential Oil is a blend of nature’s healing oils including Tea Tree, Lavender, and Geranium. Not your ordinary healing oil blend you find in the market nowadays. Enjoy the benefits of these healing oils in one bottle!

100% pure, natural, and therapeutic grade EO for your favorite aroma/oil burner, and for general use around your home and your body… Wherever the journey takes you.

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Amihan is here…

Let the clean, crisp air in.

Introducing our new Amihan Collection… A clean, crisp, citrusy blend of bergamot, lemongrass, and lavender essential oils. Available in Pure Essential Oil Blend, Air and Linen Mists, Hand and Air Sanitizers, and in Natural Wax Candles

Effective in eliminating odors and freshening-up your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, car, office, and special spaces… Naturally!

A great gift for the holiday season!

Try them now!

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