Our Story…

Family comes first.

These three words serve as my north star and personal motto. My loving husband, Raf, and my two amazing boys, Tao and Banyan, are the driving force behind the hours and ideas that come into every product that we make. Our hodgepodge of collections represent a charming hint of our lifestyle, and the painstaking story behind each product. From the personal challenges of coping with autism, to our family goals of conquering a good wave.


This quaint and humble craftsmanship spiraled-off from our decision to leave the “corporate grind” back in 2006. We bid farewell to our day jobs and headed for the province (Raf’s hometown in Gingoog, Misamis Oriental) and started a family. Living in a rural town, we incorporated scented candles in our country-style home, and eventually into our lifestyle. It ignited our interest in candle-making, and from it came our interest in aromatherapy, as it awakes memories by the scent that  fills a room, turns ordinary nights into a visit to the past, and uplifts a mood from a stressful day.

When our first son, Tao, was diagnosed with high functioning autism, we serendipitously unveiled our passion in mixing essential oils to address different health and environmental concerns. Aromatherapy with essential oils, and using natural options to products  we use around our home, made us witness first-hand the positive benefits to Tao’s autism.  Because of these,  it became our mission to continue our research and permanently made it a part of our everyday life. We concluded that what is good for Tao will definitely be good for us too.

Subic Bay

After Gingoog, we moved back to Subic Bay in 2011 to start schooling for Tao and Banyan. Today, our focus is not solely on aromatherapy, but  also on the evolution and other elements that branched out from different angles of our experiences. Like our journey, we continue to sprout and aim to give back by not harming the environment, alongside our commitment to produce quality and affordable natural products.

As human beings, we are wired to share to others what nourishes us and what fulfills our needs.  In these pages, we hope to share a part of us, through each collection. May they also brighten your life, as they have in ours.

Wherever the journey takes you…

Naturally yours,



Our journey would not be possible without the help and support of the following people: Leo and Rita Kujat, Bianca Espinos, Jozen Curva and Rexa Janina Caroline, and to all who were there by our side – you know who you are. We thank you!