Aromatherapy Rollers

OUR READY-TO-USE AROMATHERAPY ROLL-ONS contains 100% pure and therapeutic grade essential oils, infused in pure fractionated coconut oil.

Convenient to bring with you anywhere you go.

APPLY TO PALM, RUB, AND SNIFF,  for an instant whiff of aromatherapy! 

These potent blends are guaranteed to contain the recommended maximum dilution* for essential oil, based on the guide book “Essential Oil Safety” by Tisserand and Young – from 0.5% to 15%, and infused in fractionated coconut oil.

If you prefer a milder or stronger blend, give us a call or chat with us, and we can prepare some for you! We can also make you a blend with any carrier oil you prefer. (Minimum order applies.)


TIP: Apply on clean skin to prevent contaminating your roller bottle. 

Roll-on to palm, rub, and sniff. 

Another way to sniff is by rolling-on to the back of your hand.

If you prefer your roller not to touch skin, roll-on to a piece of cloth and take a whiff…

NOTE: Like all natural oils, some sensitivities may occur to some individuals. If you are a first time user, always test a small area of skin for sensitivity.

* “Maximum dilution” is the amount of a particular essential oil that can be applied diluted to the skin without causing sensitization; the exposure to an allergen that results in the development of hypersensitivity.

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